Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Joing a VM to a Domain with vCloud Director

Q. According to this KB, Windows VMs in vCD need to be configured with DHCP to be able to join a domain. I have a VM with a static IP address. How do I get around this requirement?

A. The issue around DHCP is Microsoft-related and not VMware. The problem is that we rely on Sysprep to perform the customization and this is where the DHCP requirement comes in. As a workaround, we ran a script called SetupCommand.cmd which calls the netdom.exe command with the following syntax:

netdom.exe join %COMPUTERNAME% / /OU:OU=vApp-VMs,DC=vmware,DC=com /Userd:???? /PasswordD:???? /Reboot

To configure this: 

1. Before submitting the vApp to the catalog
2. Right click the VM and select ‘Properties’

3. Select the ‘Guest OS Customization’ tab

4. Scroll down to the ‘Customization Script’ sections and enter your command:

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